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“Vishal helped me realise my dream of writing my first book, and now I’m already on my second one! I’m happy to be able to connect with the rest of the world through my words. Vishal has empowered me with such great energy and motivation, and I hope I can do the same for others soon.”

Marie Varlin,
Author of ‘Le Secret du Bien Être’, TV Presenter and Producer
Guadeloupe, Caribbean

“Vishal thank you for your hard work yesterday and your inspiring life story! I believe everyone in the room left with something and I for sure as a 21 year old young man left inspired, so I express my gratitude again.
Vishal I had hoped to go into the VIP group but couldn’t at the time but not withstanding I’m excited to work with the programme in the fast starter group!”
Love and Appreciation.

Joshua Awoderu


“This book contains a genuine secret that all wealthy people know, and Vishal truly wants you to know it and apply it, too. Use it wisely, for it will take your business and income to the next level.”

Loral Langemeier

Star of hit movie ‘The Secret’ and New York Times Bestselling Author

“I have actually attended the seminar and book camp. This is after researching. And I’m glad I did despite the negative reviews. I decided to take a leap and I must say it was worth it all. Considering people saying Vishal isn’t a recognized figure and it’s a con. On the contrary vishal provided brilliant knowledge, advise and genuine support. Nothing was a money grab to him and the book camp was absolutely remarkable in my books. He’s a visionary and a very honest person making a living of what he does best. Advise assist, provide people with confidence and literally opens people’s eyes to a beautiful bigger picture financially. And his after care plan is amazing along with very nice staff. Completely processional.”

Zehnam Awan

Nail tec, Wellness Mentor and Small Business owner x

“Good morning Vishal, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me last night. I feel so encouraged and inspired and hopefully will be able to join your classes in the near future because at the moment. I’m down and under financially. God bless you and continue your good work to help people like me. Have a blessed weekend and the whole decade.”

Thabani Sithole

Just a note to say Thanks you for a very enlightening and inspiring afternoon sharing useful and helpful tips on how to create my book.

I am looking forward to returning to complete  the process of writing my book at one of your Book.

Audrey J.E Brotherson

Success Business Entrepreneur

“I went to his seminar. What a dynamic gentleman. I am publishing my book through him. He is so well versed and knowledgeable.”

Thanks Vishal

Evelyn Samuel

Head teacher and Author of Supereasy study guides

My book is live on Amazon now. Thanks, Vishal Morjaria again!

Khadija Maaref
businesswoman  – UK

“This has got to be one of the best weekends of my entire life. WOW Book Camp™ Thank you Vishal Morjaria.”

Gemma Smith

Teacher, Author, Humanitarian, UK

“Hello All from the Book Camp

What an inspiring weekend amongst so many aspiring Authors and Award Winners !

I feel energised and full of vigour to get on and complete my book. I am on the 6th Chapter of my 8 chapter book on ‘Spiritual Healing’ and no writer’s block either!!

Fantastic achievement beyond belief!”

Uma Fernandes


“Books are very important, I would actually have written books sooner, and Vishal teaches you how to write the right book and get it out in the world within 3 days. This book will serve you well on your journey.”

Jack Canfield
Star of the hit movie ‘The Secret’, Co-creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, and Leading Transformational Coach and Speaker

With his knowledge, Vishal is the definition of an exponential leader in the personal and professional development sector. His latest book Master Your WOW will guarantee that your brand reaches the next level of world class if you follow his masterfully developed step-by-step strategies.

Arun Nadarasa
Author of ‘Pharmacy Movement – How to Prescribe Social and Digital Medicines’

‘Vishal’s latest book Master Your WOW is fantastic! It’s easy to read yet thought-provoking. His book takes you through a transformational journey that will give you the confidence to take your business to the next level. Thank you, Vishal for sharing and inspiring us to be better.”

Diahann Holder
Di-Namic Consulting, Financial Coach, and Author of ‘Financial Freedom for Women’

“Vishal and his latest book Master Your WOW really help you brand yourself and get your business out into the world. It has been eye opening and has positively changed my perception of branding.”

Dr Lalitaa Suglani,
CEO of The Personal Success Academy and Author of ‘Your Mirror Mirror’

“If you want to know anything about marketing, sales, speaking, and entrepreneurship in general, you definitely need to check out Vishal. I’ve been in business for nearly 30 years, and Vishal could still teach me things I’ve never heard of before. Besides all that, he is such a generous person to be with. He will not rest until his clients are happy.”

Tineke Rensen,
CEO of Powerful Business Academy and Author of ‘Maximum Business Growth for Women’

“Master Your Wow is written by a true master entrepreneur, speaker, and sales coach – Vishal Morjaria. Vishal is a powerful teacher who has a gift to really transform your business and your life. My personal branding journey began after attending Vishal’s WOW Book Camp™, and in a very short period of time I saw my business and finances improve quite dramatically. If you have a message that you want to bring to the world and you want to get that message out FAST, then Vishal’s teachings are a must!”

Hiten Bhatt,
Leadership Trainer & Coach, Director of BE GREAT Training, Author of The Leadership Adventure

“Master your WOW will transform your life and open your eyes to taking your expertise and knowledge to a new level. Vishal delivers his content in a simple and very doable manner, suited to all ages and abilities. You will learn the true secrets to growing your business, understanding what it takes to be successful and how you can write a book regardless of your background or perceived ability – yes, written and completed in just 3 days! Vishal is passionate about helping those who truly want to succeed, and he will help you find ‘your’ voice. Enjoy the journey and future that lies ahead.”

Juliet Robinson aka Sanity Nanny,
Child Sleep & Family Lifestyle Coach and Author of Wits’ End to Wise Parent

“Good morning Vishal !

I want to thank you a lot for your lecture at Canella beach hotel ?

And to explain my behavior.

I am not sure if you have noticed me raising my arm instinctively with a big confidence when you spoke about your internment and diagnoses.

I was trembling after and realized that you may have thought that this gesture was inappropriate. If this is the case I am sorry.

Actually it was a gesture of friendship and hope.

I’ve wanted to write a book since 2017. In fact I already gave birth to one as I passed a PhD degree in microbiology in 2010. But I will not have success with this very specific one ?

Your lecture made me understand lots of things ! I even want more to write a book or several. I also understood I am not ready as it is too early.

You also gave me a wonderful hope ! The hope that I can succeed despite a psychic disorder. Despite the bad judgment of lots of people regarding my disease.

For all those things thank you Vishal from the bottom of my heart ?

I wish you to continue having lots of successes and hope to be able to join your WOW Book Camp when I will be ready.”

Sincerely yours

Mélanie Falord

“Vishal has a true gift to enable ordinary people to live extraordinary lives. Before meeting Vishal I didn’t believe that is was possible for me to achieve great things, but now he has shown me a path to exceptional branding and becoming a great author. Vishal is an incredible professional speaker and an inspiration to us all. His latest book Master Your WOW will take you to new heights in order to reach your personal and financial goals, so watch and listen very carefully. Absolute WOW!”

CJ Xander,
Founder of Discouragement into Recognition

“Vishal delivered an outstanding experience at the WOW Book Camp™! The techniques he will teach you in order to start and complete your book in three days are amazing and mind-blowing. It will never again be a terrifying task.”

Teo Palmieri,
Real Estate Broker at Elite Ocean View Realty, Author of the upcoming book ‘Keep it Real in Real Estate’


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